Savannah College of Art and Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1991 cum laude

Presidential Scholarship 1989-1991



2014 Arc International Salon Finalist.

August 29, 2013 - October 6, 2013, “Unbridled”, Argazzi Art, Lakeville, CT

2013 Arc International Salon Finalist,

2013 Art Kudos Finalist, International Competition,

2012 Arc International Salon Finalist

June 2012, ongoing, Arc Living Artist, website presence

October 2012-March2013, “Ciao and Friends Invitational”, Peoria Riverfront Museum

October 2012-November 2012 “Vernissage”, Prairie Center for the Arts

September 2012 Peoria Fine art Fair, Award of Excellence

February 2012-April 2012 “Curious Children”, Argazzi Art, Lakeville, CT

May 2011 “New Works, Carrie Pearce”, Argazzi Art, Lakeville, CT

October 2010 “Speechless”, Eureka College, Eureka, IL

Maison Faurie, 115 A East Plaza, Taos, New Mexico

September 2010, 48th annual Peoria Art Guild, Fine Art Fair, Award of Excellence

August 2010-August 2011 “Art Kudos”, International online competition,

June 2010 “Junction City Art Show”, Peoria, Il. Second Place

August-November 2009 Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, Il

October 2009 Lincoln Show, Peoria art Guild, Peoria, Il

July 2009 “Members only” Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, Il, First Place

June 2009, Vagnhall Gallery, Bishop Hill, Il.

November 2008, “Pet Portraits”, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, Il

September 2008, “Drawn Together”, Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, Il.

July 2007, “Rhapsody in Bloom”, Luthy Botanical Gardens, Peoria, Il

1996-1999 City Market Arts Center, Savannah, Ga.

1996-1999 Arts on the River, Savannah, Ga.

1996 St. Simon’s by the sea, St. Simon’s Island, Ga.



2014,  "When Artists Paint Themselves", March/April, Fine Art Connoisseur

2013, "Carrie Pearce's portraits reveal the horses' personalities", by Carola Lott, The Millbrook Independent

2013, "Unbridled Works", by Leon Graham, The Lakeville Journal 

2012, “After The Opening” October, Inter Business Issues, Peoria, IL

2012 “Art Lives in Central Illinois” Arts Partners of Central Illinois

2012 “A Passion for Art” March, Numero , Peoria, IL

2011 “Art That’s Strange And Strangely Beautiful” May 26, The Lakeville Journal

2010 “Pearce and Pearce” September, Peoria Journal Star

2010 “ Why are We Scared of Ugly” September, Boulder Daily Camera

2010 “Timber to Table Top” Arts and Society”, January

2009 “Members only” Peoria Journal Star, July

2007 “Blended Palettes” Peoria Journal Star, September

2005, Jubilee Advocate, February

2004, “Art from the Heart” Peoria Journal Star, February

1999, Savannah Literary Journal

1998, WTOC News Channel, Savannah, Ga., May

1998 Savannah Magazine, May/June

1997 Coastal Arts and Antiques, January

1996, The Georgia Guardian, September

1996 Coastal Arts and Antiques, September



2014 Finalist ARC International Salon

2013 Finalist ARC International Salon

2013 Award of Excellence, Peoria Art Guild

2012 Finalist ARC International Salon

2012 Award of Excellence, Peoria Art Guild

2011 Award of Excellence, Peoria Art Guild

2010 Award of Excellence, Peoria Art Guild

2010 Second Place, “Junction City Art Show” Peoria, IL Judge Preston Jackson

2009 First Place, “Members Only” Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

2007 Third Place, “Rhapsody in Bloom” Luthy Botanical Gardens, Peoria, Il.

1996 Honorable Mention, “St. Simon’s by the Sea” St. Simon’s Is., Ga

1987 Congressional Art Award, First Place



ARC approved “Living Artist”

National Portrait Society

Oil Painters of America